Therapeutic massage benefits all types of horses.

  1. Horses recovering from injuries

  2. Horses with tight backs that flinch when being

brushed or saddled

  1. Senior horses

  2. Show and performance horses

  3. Lesson ponies

  4. Horses that have recently started refusing leads or

tossing their head

  1. Horses being put back into an exercise routine after a

winter break

For the greatest benefit, massages must be incorporated consistently into your horse’s routine.  Appointment intervals will be recommended depending on the issues that need to be addressed.  Intermittent massages are not likely to provide any noticeable results in your horse.

Appointments are convenient. 

  1. Flexible scheduling allows for daytime, evening or

weekend appointments.

  1. On-farm appointments are offered around the Reading, PA / Berks County area as well as in the surrounding counties of Lancaster, Lebanon, Schuylkill, Lehigh, Montgomery and Chester.  Long-distance travel to other locations will be considered.   

Appointments are affordable.

Equine massages are offered at a rate of $70 per horse, which includes:

  1. A full-body massage

  2. 60-75 minute session (depending on the size of the


  1. Inclusion of acupressure or reiki, if needed

  2. Complimentary aromatherapy

  3. The first 30 miles travel (After 30 miles, rate of $0.50

mile will apply)


You are essential to a successful massage session.

  1. Plan a massage during the quietest time at your farm

  2. To avoid distraction, do not schedule a session near

feeding time

  1. Many owners find watching the sessions to be equally

relaxing for themselves

  1. Allow 24 hours of rest and recovery prior to resuming


Equine Massage